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Dealing with Inappropriate Workplace Behavior in the #MeToo Era


What Can Employers Do to Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

In recent years, our nation has heard from an astonishing number of people (men and women alike) who have decided to break their silence and speak out against people who have used their power and authority to treat employees and other subordinates in a demeaning, sexually inappropriate manner. There have been numerous high-profile cases involving employers accused of myriad forms of sexual harassment, from lewd comments and gender discrimination to rape and other forms of sexual assault.

The outpouring of testimonies and legal actions against people accused of sexual harassment has emboldened many people to speak up and demand justice, especially in the workplace. This is causing many employers to consider best practices for handling sexual harassment claims in order to both protect employees and protect themselves from costly legal scuffles.

In our firm’s latest newsletter, our Richmond employment lawyers provide a few pointers:

  • Foster and maintain an inclusive culture.
  • Provide multiple channels for workers to report inappropriate behavior.
  • Evaluate your workplace for risk factors.
  • Investigate quickly and thoroughly with the help of an attorney.

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