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As a government employee, you have specific rights, protections, and benefits that private-sector employees do not have. These may apply to your wages and retirement and provide safety nets that prevent your government employer from making decisions that adversely affect your job. You are also protected by anti-discrimination laws and statutes pertaining to medical leave, retaliation, sexual harassment, and whistleblower actions.

If you have any issues at work and are looking for legal help, LawrenceQueen is here for you. Our Richmond employment law attorneys are passionate about protecting the rights of local, state, and federal government employees in cases involving discrimination, wrongful termination, FMLA violations, wage and hour claims, harassment, and more. We have nearly seven decades of experience in this field and use it to help our clients seek positive outcomes to their complex employment law matters.

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Protecting the Rights of Government Employees

In the vast majority of cases, federal employees have the same rights as any American worker. Certain laws are also in place that provide additional protection to government workers. Our experienced federal employment attorneys are well versed in the various protections available to government workers in Virginia and throughout the United States.

Our practice encompasses the various issues and statutes that affect government employees in administrative, federal, and state law matters, including:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) - We can help you understand and protect your right to equal employment opportunities under the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Employment suspension, discipline, and demotion appeals - We can defend your best interests if you are charged with falsification of documents, security violations, improper use of government property, or any other misconduct
  • Security Clearances - We can assist you in appealing your revoked or denied security clearance to preserve your job security
  • Government employees with disability issues - Whether you are facing disability discrimination or need assistance in applying for disability retirement benefits, we can help you
  • Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) - If you are facing discipline or termination from your job we can defend your right to a fair hearing and ensure proper application of the twelve Douglas Factors
  • Office of Personnel Management matters
  • Hatch Act violations - If you are facing accusations of engaging in prohibited political activities, we can defend you against such charges
  • Whistleblowers - If your employer has retaliated against you after you lawfully disclosed evidence of gross mismanagement, they have violated the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 and we are prepared to defend your rights

Each of the above issues has specific proceedings and laws that must be thoroughly understood if you are to have any chance of succeeding. Our dedicated Richmond employment lawyers have the knowledge and experience required to represent federal, state, and local government employees in a wide variety of matters. We are confident in our ability to help you, and we welcome you to contact our offices to arrange a confidential consultation with one of our lawyers.

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