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Richmond Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Taking Action After Sexual Harassment at Work

As a worker in Virginia, you are protected from sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. There are rights and remedies available to you that can protect you from further abuse and offer compensation for injuries you have experienced. LawrenceQueen can help. We are committed to stopping sexual harassment in its tracks, and our Richmond employment lawyers have 60 years of experience fighting for Virginia’s workers.

If you have experienced any type of sexual harassment at work, here are a few steps you can take:

  • Make sure you clearly state that such conduct is unwanted and/or offensive. If any type of harassment should occur, make it known that the act was offensive.
  • Document what occurred. Keep any evidence (emails, documents, etc.) and take note of every incident, with the time and date. Detailed documentation can prove crucial later on.
  • Report it to your employer. Report sexual harassment to your employer’s HR department, your manager, or other appropriate party. Keep a record of this report.
  • Talk to an attorney. If your employer does nothing, delays in responding, or retaliates against you for reporting harassment, call a Richmond sexual harassment lawyer at LawrenceQueen. We can start working immediately to protect your rights.

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Helping Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Greater Richmond Area

Sexual harassment can take on many forms. It can affect both women and men, and it can affect job performance and one’s overall feeling of happiness and safety at the workplace. Our Richmond sexual harassment attorneys handle cases involving unwanted touching, requests for sexual favors, offensive written and verbal communication, sexual advances, or other unwanted conduct of a sexual nature. It may be committed by a co-worker, supervisor, or even a nonemployee, such as a customer or vendor.

You do not have to put up with sexual harassment, and you have the right to be protected from any retaliation for reporting harassment. We are here to protect your rights so you can work in a safe and inoffensive environment.

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